Vic has been there—overweight at 280 lbs, suffering from angina. A sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits had combined to reduce his quality of life. At a critical point, he realized he needed to take drastic action to address the unhealthy habits that were threatening his life.  Vic made a decision to develop a FITNESS and NUTRITION approach to regain his own personal health. He researched, analyzed and cross-examined a variety of nutrition, fitness and health-related theories and practices, to create a regimen that ultimately worked.

Vic is LIVING PROOF that his method works.  Since then, he has continued to research, develop his training and coaching methods to ensure that all clients who commit themselves to the VIC FITNESS principles and practices can see results within three weeks.

Vic will customize a nutrition and fitness plan for you— so that you can achieve TOTAL HEALTH and REACH YOUR GOALS.

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