Mike Loewen
Mike Loewen Fitness Story


In the fall of 2007, I decided that I was tired of being unfit, not sleeping properly, having difficulty concentrating, and generally just being totally out of shape. I was 54 years old with a job that was not physically demanding, and could see that my pants’ waist size was rapidly overtaking my leg length! I decided to do something about it and began investigating ways to "get fit quick."

My search brought me to the downtown YMCA, which was centrally located and superbly equipped.  Not wanting to waste valuable time trying to teach myself to use the training equipment, or in hiring an unknown trainer with dubious experience, I embarked on a quest to find the absolute best personal trainer available.  It was not a difficult search.  All areas of my research and inquiry led to the same conclusive result:  Vic Keller was front and centre.  I met Vic at the ‘Y’ one afternoon, and after briefly discussing with him my rather vague fitness desires, he quickly honed in on a few very specific outcome goals. He immediately set up a comprehensive training regimen that included an intelligent combination of cardio, stretching, and static weight-training. For the first month, I met with Vic once a week to ensure I was using the equipment correctly, and to adjust the weights and reps accordingly to maximize effectiveness.  After that, Vic spaced out our appointments to twice a month, with me diligently completing my "homework" between sessions.  Part of the cardio work involved time on the treadmill.  Although I’d never set out to take up running, my time on the treadmill was rewarding and clearly resulted in definite fitness improvement after only two weeks. After four months of indoor exercise and training, and with spring offering warm and dry weather, Vic suggested I join him and a few of his other clients outside for some easy running sessions.  Prior to that, the only other time I had run outdoors was to chase a bus half a block. We started out with a one-mile run on a Sunday—and that was all it took for me to become hooked! Vic suggested that I run three times a week, with easy but increasingly longer runs on successive Sunday mornings. The routine was great and the results were fantastic.  From March to June the miles flew by and the extra weight (and my waistline) melted away. By the time the Manitoba Marathon came around that June, Vic had convinced me (and several of my other running companions) that we were more than ready to sign up for the Half. And so I ran my first half marathon at age 55, and I have never looked back. It was so enjoyable and fulfilling that it inspired me to ratchet up my training with Vic and attempt the full marathon


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