James King

I first met Vic Keller at the Winnipeg Beach to Gimli Run .  It is then that  I   joined Vic's  team and made a conscious decision to begin a structured,  total health fitness  program.

I  joined Vic’s team in 2008  and received excellent advice on both strength training and nutrition. I quickly learned that both are required to make this work.   I also learned that  structured interval workouts were a key to my success. 

Through  Vic’s encouragement,  I met my goal to run a "strong and well planned " 1/2 marathon.

I could not have accomplished this without inspiration from Vic and to his group of runners who meet 2-3 times per week and provide incentive to continue on this venture.


I feel younger, and have more energy than ever.

The health benefits and friends have gained along the way are numerous
. I have made the step to ensure a longer independent life.

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