Joanne King

It was in the summer of 2008 when I first met Vic Kehler and in November  2008.  I made a conscious decision ( at the age of 61 ) to begin a structured,  total health fitness  program.

I  joined Vic’s team in Nov 2008 and received excellent advice on both training and nutrition. I quickly learned that both are required to make this work.  Mr. Kehler is very professional in his approach to all aspects of total fitness.  He establishes a program  based on an individual’s goals.

After several months of Gym training and through Vic’s encouragement, support & great advice, I began to RUN with his group.  I am proud to say that I ran my first competition foot race in April 2009. I completed 10 races my first year& each year since I have averaged 12 competitive foot races each year.

I could not have accomplished this without inspiration from Vic . I must also give credit to Vic’s group of runners who meet 2-3 times per week and provide incentive to continue on this venture.


At age 61- I feel younger, look younger than my years ( so I’ve been told ) and have been re-energized.

The whole experience has been nothing but positive and the health benefits are unmeasureable.

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