Jeremiah Cote

Growing up I could never see myself as a runner.  I had a growth spurt that had done a number on my knees.  Then in 2009, both my partner and I decided to start a health and weight loss journey. We both committed to running a half marathon. We both ran the Manitoba Half Marathon in 2010 and I completed my first half marathon in 2:31:59.


Shortly, after completing the race, and having observed Vic for quite a while at the gym with various clients, I approached him and discussed my fitness ambitions. He invited me to come out and join the running group at Garbage Hill. I went, and was amazed by the camaraderie and friendliness of the people I met. It was also great to see the diversity of ages and fitness levels among the group. With the training provided by Vic, I was able to run the Manitoba Half Marathon the following year in a time of 2:15:35. In that same year, I completed the Diabetes Half Marathon in 1:59:56. In 2012, I was able to complete the 2012 Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon with a PR of 1:55:33.  Vic has assisted me through many difficulties experienced due to psoriatic arthritis and also a stress fracture. Even when I felt discouraged, he was always there to reassure me that it will get better, and I’ll back to form in no time.

With the training I received through Vic at the gym, training at Garbage Hill and also at Assiniboine Park, I have grown exponentially. I can now see myself as a runner.

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