Fred Martin


Hi. My  name is Fred Martin and I have been working with Vic since 2008. One my first encounters with Vic was when I was working with another trainer , that was about a year and a half prior to  joining Vic fitness and powerrunners. I was not happy at the time with the  training program i was on. I did not like at all  and when I suggested to my current trainer that  I would like to be running, he replyed maybe some day. It was not long  after that, like so many other times I had tried going to gym, it just became a thought.


Then one night I was at the gym with a friend of mine,I stopped and talked to Vic and said to  him I was back at the gym again,and I metnioned to Vic that  I was trying running again but I could not figure out why I could not get over a certain distance . So Vic asked me tp take me through my day.  


On a typical day after my day of work I would go home and have supper , relax for a while and then go to the gym for about 8:00 O'clock.  Vic suggested to me to try to come to the gym right after work at 4:30 instead. When I asked him if eating after a work out was good , Vic  replied as long as you eat a balanced meal you will be fine.  Since that time I joined Vic Fitness and Power Runners and lost 45Lbs and 30 percent body fat and I am the most fit I have been in my life. I would reccommend Vic's program to anyone  because Vics program works ,absolutely .  Getting physically fit,  is only second to all the great friends I have made along the way.

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