If I strength train I will bulk up and not run as fast

Endurance training by its very nature is not conducive to muscle growth (especially in a female population with lower testosterone levels). The sheer volume of exercise makes it difficult to get in enough calories to support muscle mass gains, so the effects of resistance training are largely confined to muscle density (tone), strength, and overall efficiency rather than actual increases in muscle size.FFor a Total Healthy body composition,  and performance standpoint, you need to make time for resistance training  sessions every week regardless of how much you run.

I don't need it, running builds up my legs

Resistance training is the cornerstone of any good physical therapy program.  Runners need four critical things: postural alignment, specific stabilization, high strength, and the ability to produce this strength quickly.  Resistance training is good for general health, as it :

- Enhances endocrine and immune function 

- Maintains muscle mass 

- Improves functional capacity in spite of aging by maintaining maximal strength and power 


- Builds bone density 

- Enables us to more rapidly correct muscle imbalances 

​I will gain body fat if I cut back my running ​

Contrary to popular belief, resistance training is extremely valuable for burning fat after any exercise session, our metabolisms are elevated significantly. Amazingly, a single bout of resistance training can elevate the metabolism for more than 48 hours – and favorably affect endocrine and immune status in a manner that is conducive to fat loss. If you want to be lean, you have to lift weights!


Yoga and Pilates “count” as resistance training

When we resistance train, it’s important  over time we gradually increase the load that is imposed on our system; otherwise, our body doesn’t really have any reason to adapt in a manner that will be favorable to us getting stronger, faster, or leaner.  How do we make a class that is body weight-only harder?

A: Gaining weight is your only option

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