James Da Terra 
"I did it"!  Those were my internal thoughts after finishing my first Ironman Lanzarote. It was an incredible journey of physical and mental challenges. I was fortunate to have had lots of help along the way. My friend Vic taught me plenty about nutrition and the importance of protein in my diet. For those who are interested in doing any triathlon distance, I applaud all your efforts.

Here are 3 thoughts to help you reach your goals.


1. Be patient. Things change in races from course changes, discomfort, flat tires, weather etc. Expect this to happen. Don't let those incidents get in the way of your goal. Deal with them as best you can and keep moving.

2. Be flexible. Prepare different ways of training to get you off your comfort zone. Remember, if you push yourself at times when you are not your best, you are preparing yourself mentally. This will help you come race time  to deal with uncomfortable moments. We call this mental toughness. So mix up the training so that you can deal with anything that comes your way.

3. Stay on your side. Avoid distractions such as talking about past races times or equipment needs. During some of these events some athletes are always consumed with finish times, equipment needs, training issues etc. Forget this anxiety.  These are nerves. Stick to your 'quiet' game plan. Remember, just do the work. The rest is out of your control.  Avoid these anxieties. The best tool is you. Train as best you can and trust your work.  In the end you too can say "I did it"!  It's an incredible feeling of

accomplishment. I wish you the best.

James Da Terra


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